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Knowledge is power. And power is freedom. Freedom to make educated decisions for you and your family - which brings priceless peace of mind.

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Evidence Based Birth®

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Welcome! I'm Lia Berquist

I have been teaching childbirth classes in The Bradley Method ® in Long Beach, California since 2011.

The Bradley Method ® first entered my life when I was just ten years old. I watched in awe as my mother, using the Bradley Method ®, so gracefully gave birth to my baby sister in a triumphant home birth after cesarean (HBAC).

After taking Bradley® classes myself, I gave birth naturally, in a hospital, to our baby girl. Ten years after that, I gave birth to our second baby girl at home, thanks to my Bradley coach, a licensed midwife (ask me who) and The Bradley Method.®

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Lia was an absolute blessing for us. She was patient, kind, understanding, and professional. She was a part of our support system and answered so many questions along our journey and was there for us every step of the way. She played such an important role in our birth of our son Ayden.

- Shawn, Bradley Dad to Ayden

I wanted to thank you for an amazing Bradley class experience! I was so relieved to find you so down to earth and normal (I was thinking you would be a bit granola, lol) and I feel more confident even just knowing you're a phone call or text away (I need to hear your voice in my head to combat the negative-nancies that want to grow there). Your enthusiasm is infectious and I know it has boosted my confidence.

Bailey, Mom to Zalia

Oh my goodness! You were amazing. I cannot believe how much of a blessing you've been in this journey.

- Kristin, Mom to Sierra and Alia

....At first I was kind of 'yeah, right' on the whole natural thing. But after going through the classes I realized that it actually made sense. I am so happy that we took these classes. We would have taken the birthing classes offered by the hospital and been none the wiser.

- Heather, Mom to Austin

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