Your Natural Birth
The 250th baby from my classes was 
born this summer!
She was born drug-free in a hospital stay tuned for her photo!

F  R  E  E    -   F  R  E  E 
Come out for a free 
2 hour class in
Healthy Pregnancy 
And Introduction to Childbirth
American Health and Wellness Institute
5580 2nd Street, Long Beach
Call, Text, or Email to register
November 20
2:30 - 4:30pm

after all, it is
Your Natural Birth 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

By seeking to educate yourself about the journey of pregnancy and the  process of birth, you have wisely started on a very rewarding journey. 
Knowledge is power. And power is freedom.
Freedom to make educated choices for you and your family - which will bring you
peace of mind.

Childbirth classes are offered in
Long Beach, California.

trust in the amazing power and ability of your body to do what nature intended it to do

Your Natural Birth, Offering Childbirth classes and Doula Services to loving  families 
from Irvine to Long Beach to Redondo Beach to Torrance and the surrounding areas.

Please contact me, Lia Berquist, AAHCC at

Find me on FACEBOOK :  Lia (Natural Birth) Fletcher

Check out my reviews on YELP :  "
Your Natural Birth" 
in Long Beach 

If you're not able to attend my class, I highly recommend that you continue your search to find a local childbirth educator. is a great place to start. You'll be able to find a class near you and begin your journey toward 
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